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Yes. Yes, I did. It is late morning as I write this and I have been sufficiently caffeinated. You’re probably wondering how something like this begins. Our journey into the world of artisan gourmet coffee started on the sofa one evening. My husband and I were talking about finding a better way to provide for our family. We happened to be drinking coffee at the time and looked at each other in a light bulb-moment of clarity. The rest has slowly fallen into place.

There is a lot more that goes into a good cup of coffee than we ever knew and we spent the next several months learning everything we could about coffee. Everything. We developed a business plan and Grim Bean Coffee Company was born. I say “born” because starting a business is much like raising a child from infancy.

Our small, family-owned roaster has been roasting coffee for over a century and the roasts are absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for stopping by and we hope that you enjoy our coffee and conversation.

Take care,

Sandi & Mark

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