Coffee. It’s much more than that stuff in your morning mug. It’s comfort, familiarity, a reset for a new day. We all have our go-to coffee types. No matter what we prefer, we all desire the same thing, a good cup of coffee. Here at Grim Bean, we are acutely aware of that desire, and because of that, we put our heart and soul into every bag of coffee we package. This process starts long before we ever see a coffee bean.

Great coffee starts with great farmers who are stewards of the earth. Coffee beans are called “cherries” because of their bright red color when ripe. It takes approximately 3-4 years for a newly planted coffee tree to bear fruit, and typically, there is one major harvest per year. A coffee “bean” is actually a seed. These seeds are harvested by hand at the peak of ripeness every week. It is a very labor-intensive practice and therefore more costly.

A good picker can harvest between 100-200 pounds of coffee a day and they are paid on the quality of their harvest. The beans are then dried, milled, ground, and sorted before being packaged in large burlap sacks for delivery to our roaster. Once they arrive at our roasting facility, they are roasted according to the desired roast level, packaged in vented, heat sealed kraft bags and shipped to you. You will receive your freshly roasted coffee within a week of roasting, which is really the sweet spot for coffee. Then it’s your turn to have a hand in making an excellent cup of coffee.

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