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We were so wrong! We thought we were knowledgeable about coffee and we smugly went through life drinking store brand coffee thinking that coffee was coffee. How big of a difference can there really be? (Our apologies to the connoisseurs reading this right now.) We didn’t know! Now we do. Our biggest discovery? Coffee doesn’t have to taste bitter! Freshness and roasting dates matter! Please take a lesson from our experience and let us save you from years of unnecessary bad coffee drinking! After all, friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee. In that spirit, we’ve created Grim Bean Coffee to bring you a great cup of coffee that’s to die for! Plus, we’ll show you how to brew that perfect cup.

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Get to Know Us

We love coffee (mainly because we are not morning people). We love farming. We love simplicity. We love fair trade and organic products. We are fun, quirky, spirited individuals with the same dream: excellent coffee. Out of these ideals (and many bleary-eyed mornings), Grim Bean Coffee was born.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is roasted locally in south central Pennsylvania by a roaster whose family has been roasting beans for well over a century. They have built long lasting, strong relationships with coffee farmers across the coffee belt and as a result, they source the best beans from over 90 farms and are a trusted member of the coffee trade. Coffee farmers are not just faceless names here. We take great pride in our coffee and in the farmers who grow and harvest it. Therefore, we absolutely support Fair Trade. This means that the farmers get paid what they are worth and also ensures that they have a livable wage. Our Fair Trade Certified coffees are more expensive but it is worth it in our eyes for great tasting coffee that also provides a decent living for the farmers.

It is because of the longstanding relationship with these farmers that we are able to offer you exceptional beans that create our custom blends and specialty roasts. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to offer some truly exceptional beans that make some truly exceptional roasts. Join our email list to make sure you do not miss out on these rare offerings!

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Our Family

We are a family of four living on a small farm in south central Pennsylvania. We currently ship all of our products from our home ensuring a true personal touch with every package. We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented small business that just does the right thing. Life's hard enough and we don't intend to complicate the situation!

We'd like you to meet our family

Sandi Laratonda
Sandi Laratonda

Likes: Family, sleeping in, coffee, mom-ing our two kids, coffee, gardening, collecting rocks, and let’s not forget about coffee.

Dislikes: Morning people (I’m not apologizing), politics, loud noises, and dirty dishes.


Mark Laratonda
Mark Laratonda

Likes: Family, coffee, cars, history, farm life, tractors, reading with my daughter and building things with my son.

Dislikes: Tea drinkers, folding laundry, and zombies.


Gavin Laratonda
Gavin Laratonda

Likes: Playing Madden, tossing the football with Dad, creatively finding ways to avoid chores, helping Mom in the garden, and annoying his little sister (a big brother privilege).

Dislikes: Chores, homework, and waiting for the school bus.

Greta Laratonda
Greta Laratonda

Likes: Snuggling with Mom, reading, playing with dolls, singing, water balloon fights with her brother, and tattling (little sister right of passage).

Dislikes: Chores, green beans, and bedtime.

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